Choosing a Reputable Breeder


Louanneley Kennels

With all the different breed associations out there, it can be very confusing when it comes to picking your new family member from a reputable breeder.

I have been a registered breeder since 2008. A lot of things have changed in this time.

I am registered with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) with my sub-branch being Dogs Queensland as I live in Queensland. What does this mean? Our pedigrees are backed up by the FCI which is “The Federation Cynologique Internationale” for pedigree dogs worldwide. I can only breed from these registered dogs - if a dog does not have this registration, we cannot breed from them.

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The Federation Cynologique Internationale

Dogs Queensland

On the Dogs Queensland site you will find information on breed associations in each state and territory.

What do you get from a registered breeder?

  • We have breed ethics and rules and regulations that we abide by. If we fail to follow the rules, we could be fined or suspended and not allowed to breed.

  • We DNA test all of our dogs as every dog carries genetic diseases; so we want to make sure we are breeding from the best quality we can and I personally only choose genetically clear dogs and I won’t breed from a carrier. This is my personal preference. Check out my health page for more information on this.

  • You also receive pedigree papers with 3 generations shown, so you can see who their family is.

  • With having a registered dog you can show, participate in dog sports and their achievements will be recorded to go towards their title.

This next one confuses everyone!

What is a BIN?

  • It is the state government issued Breeders Identification Number (BIN). Every state now has this in place; it is there to help the government manage puppy farms and over-breeding to ensure breeders are doing the right thing by the dog.

  • My BIN is my ANKC member number: 4100098033 - this only goes for ANKC members in QLD; no other breed association has this agreement with the QLD government. Other states and territories don’t have the same, so you still have to research for ANKC breeders, and the best way to find ANKC breeders is on the Dogs Queensland website.

  • Anyone can go online and apply for a BIN - does that mean they are registered breeders?… NO, but a lot of people do consider themselves to be a registered breeder.

Another breed association that you will find is Master Dog Breeders Association (MDBA). From my understanding they are their own association and have nothing to do with the ANKC or the FCI. They do produce papers for their dogs which have come from ANKC dogs, but MDBA papered dogs are not recognised with the ANKC. I do not personally know how they work as I have no interest in that association. I will only ever be a part of the ANKC. A lot of ANKC breeders have gone over to MDBA and some breeders are members of both.

Be happy with your choice of breeder!

Buyer Etiquette

Committed to Excellence

When looking for a puppy, stop looking for a puppy and find a reputable breeder! Find the right breeder and they will have the right pup for you! You might have to wait and be patient, but that is ok.

When you contact the breeder, give them a call and send them an email, introduce yourself thoroughly. Do not just send them a message asking how much or when your litter is due next. I just look at these emails and do not even want to bother replying, but I do. I have been doing this for 15 years and I can tell who is serious and who isn’t, and it is really nice to get an email from someone who has thought about it and introduced themselves to me. This will let me know you are serious about getting, and waiting, for a puppy.

I understand a lot of people will go on multiple lists with different breeders. We do know other breeders and we do talk to each other, so we know what goes on around us. So try and be on one list or be honest with us and let us know you are on another wait list. If you get a puppy from another breeder please let us know. Most importantly pick up the phone and give us a call if we are you chosen breeder, I will remember someone better if I have spoken to them.

Questions to ask:

  • Are you a registered breeder?

If yes, you ask the next question…

  • What association are you with?

Ideally you want ANKC. In some states they will have 2 numbers; their ANKC number and a BIN Just remember that someone with only a government issued BIN is not a registered breeder.

  • Do your dog’s come with pedigree papers?

A lot of people do not understand about pedigree papers and they say “I only want a pet, I do not need the papers.” They will ask how much without papers? My answer is all my dogs come with pedigree papers as they show the parentage of your puppy. The price is no different and it is one of the rules with Dogs QLD that all living pups are to be registered.

If the answer is NO, they could say “but the parents have pedigree papers, but the pups do not come with papers.” Does that mean they are pedigree… NO.

  • Do you get your dog DNA tested for genetic diseases?

With any ANKC breeder the answer would be YES.

  • Do you worm your puppies from 2 weeks of age?

If the answer is NO, this can be a big problem down the track.

  • Are your puppies vaccinated and microchipped?

With ANKC breeders the answer will be YES, and I have been doing this since I started breeding in 2008.

If you’re looking at other breeders apart from Louanneley and you have any questions about them, please feel free to contact me! I’m always happy to help, as I understand I cannot always meet everyones requirements when it comes to looking for your new family member.