Buying from Us


Louanneley Kennels

The first thing for you to do when looking for a new pup is to give us a call!

Christine can be contacted on +61 497 268 831 and her email is [email protected]

Photographs and information of our newly available pups will be uploaded to our website as soon as possible.

All of the information you need is on our website including prices for domestic and overseas buyers.


Once you are on the waitlist we will notify you when new pups have arrived. Please then just be patient and wait to make it to the top of the list, but if you want to look elsewhere please be honest with us as we can then remove your name from our waitlist. No deposit will be taken until you are allocated a pup; this will happen from 3 weeks old.

If you looking for a specific colour or sex, and we do not have what you are wanting, you might have to wait a little longer for the next litter. We can only guess what colours may come out, and as for boys and girls, that is just pot luck in each litter. So really think about what you want because if you limit yourself we might not be able to help you straight away.

Just a little information on how puppies are made!

  • Our girls will come into season anywhere from every 6 months to 12 months, sometimes even longer.

  • They are pregnant for 9 weeks.

  • Once the new pups have arrived, anything can happen, this is why we do not publish photos until they are 3 weeks old - by then they should be safe and healthy.

  • We won’t let pups go to their new homes until they are at least 8 weeks (longer for international buyers.)

Please make sure you have read the Conditions of Purchase page and filled out and returned the Puppy Application form.